Welcome to the Esk Moors Active Heather Hopper Pages. Our Minibus is based in the Parish of Danby in the North York Moors National Park
Esk Moors Active is a company limited by guarantee.  Company Number 5398483 and is registered in England as a Charity No 1127696.
We operate under the terms of Section 19 of the Standard Permit, Transport Act 1985.  Department of Transport.
Permit Number SP 020202

Please telephone on 07971 268676 or email enquiries@heatherhopper.org.uk for further information.
The Heather Hopper Minibus
Our Regular outings include

Shopping Trips
Outings for Lunch
Theatre Visits
Cinema Visits
Coffee shop Trips
Swimming on Mondays
Garden Centre Outings
Esk Moors Active welcomes the use of the bus for community bookings. Please contact enquiries for the terms and conditions.
To take advantage of the trips and excursions organised by the Heather Hopper co-ordinator you need to become a member of the Heather Hopper Club. These trips are usually subsidised by grants to make them affordable to most people.
Persons over 25 and under 70 years of age can drive the bus as long as their driving licence includes Category D1, or they have  a B license with  at least 2 years diving experience. It is preferred that drivers  have completed the one day training course and have received the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Certificate   ( MIDAS).
For those who are to become volunteer drivers for EMA trips, the course will be paid for by EMA Ltd.

A company limited by guarantee is an alternative type of incorporation used primarily for 'not for profit' organisations that require corporate status. A guarantee company does not have a share capital, but has members who are guarantors instead of shareholders. The guarantors give an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount towards the winding up of the company in the event of a shortfall upon cessation of business .The company  cannot distribute its profits to its members.
Common uses of guarantee companies include clubs, membership organisations, sports associations and charities.
Registered Office:
Esk Moors Active Ltd,
11 Strait Lane, Ainthorpe,
Whitby, YO21 2JY.
We have been very gratefull over the years  for the donations that have been made to Esk Moors Active. These donations have enabled the Heather Hopper Minibus Service to operate for the benefit of the Esk Valley residents, their friends and families.
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